Image-Management for Brand – The Clothing Rental

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Well they say it true, if you cannot purchase it then rent it! This a one-line story of brand – The Clothing Rental, how Shilpa Bhatia has been able to successfully run The Clothing Rental Business, both Online and Offline.

The Clothing Rental has Two offline stores, one in Bandra and Second in Versova.

SpotLYK Media has been able to gather media-presence for the brand, sharing few insights from our work.

Heidi Klum Intimate Solutions enters in India – A feature in Vogue

The Clothing Rental in Vogue

Comparative Feature with similar Brands – A feature in Hyderabad based Chronicle – Hans India

Half-Page feature in Sakal Times – Exclusive Interview with the Founder – Shilpa Bhatia

Nav Bharat Times features The Clothing Rental’s App as the App of the Week

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