You’re a budding Fashion Designer who has got a lot of fresh ideas and want a direction to lay the focus, and don’t know how to let your target audience know about your collection.

A Fashion Designer or a Lifestyle Brand that is catering to their audience with bespoke designs and trends, needs to showcase their designs i.e. new launches. Here are a few tips, you should follow to target your audience –

Learning about your Genre – Every Fashion Designer has a genre that he/she is best at doing it! From Prints to Patterns, follow a genre and create an aided-recall.

1 – Example – You should always study your audience and what they require. Example your audience can demand contemporary prints and cuts or traditional work and attires. But, lay a deep-focus on what you’re best at! Fashion Designer Sabyasachi is famous for traditional wedding-lehengas and at the same time designers Sujata and Taniya focus on the traditional cotton attires.

Studying about the current Trends – Your audiences will want to wear the current trending Fashion, for example – If tassels are in this current season, then your buyers will want to wear and flaunt those in their attires. Thus you can imbibe that creativity in your designs, but maintain an authenticity.

Getting Images clicked of your Designs – Images are the First source of content-generation for your brand. They need to create awareness among the current and the new audiences, which they can do by getting featured in the media platforms and create an aided-recall.

To begin with – You can even plan a photo-shoot with your mobile phone and under the good-lightening.

Work of an Image Consultancy

Hiring a PR Agency – Well a PR Agency is an information provider about your designs, news and planning to the audiences. They act as a concept-planner and gives a correct identity to your brand.

Relevant Media Attention – A great way to generate authentic stories for your brand is to hire a PR Agency, that can generate earned media-stories for your brand. But not every media story is a relevant story, there should be proper planning and campaign-based work to strategise your branding.