How to Get Famous

If you thought getting famous will take ages and is going to be something like climbing the Mt. Everest, think twice for you are mistaken and certainly not at the right place till yet. In the era where technology rules, thanks to social media and other platforms in the virtual world, things get viral in a jiffy but well, only things made to be worth getting famous. If you know your game well, it just takes a blink of an eye and an individual or a product/ brand gets famous before they even know it.

After all, what is a good PR agency there for. The top PR companies with the relevant experience, knowledge and skills will know the market well enough to employ just the right techniques to get you famous. First things first, hire the best PR agency in the state/ country- admit it, there’s certainly a reason that they are called professionals. They know the tactics and most importantly, right action at the perfect timing is the forte of an efficient PR person.

For example, taking cue from our very own Bollywood itself, remember the hit Kareena Kapoor starrer movie, Heroine, wherein she plays the role of an actress who is seen struggling with her image at one point and thus, takes the service of a top celebrity PR manager, portrayed by Divya Dutta in the film. She, being the best PR professional, is known for her diplomatic ways and is seen very cleverly enhancing the brand image of Kareena by making her sign new brand endorsements, going on inaugurations and lastly, doesn’t even shy away from smartly broadcasting her relationship with the top cricketer, which Randeep Hooda plays, all for the sake of reclaiming her lost popularity.

Now let’s take a look at some of the similar techniques we can actually apply very easily in the real life to get famous and achieve the desired results, whatsoever.


Creating News– Not just following but being the news i.e. creating news for yourself or your brand- A top PR company will have inherent creativity in its people and coupled with the market analysis, they are sure to come up with some interesting angles and spread the word across, of course, banking upon their excellent network of connections with the influential lot in the society.

Studies suggest that more than 50% of the news is actually created today, either directly or indirectly. Individuals or companies more so, many a times plant story angles taking the support of a current trend, moulding its relevance to put to their advantage.

Current Issues– PR professionals are nothing if not good with their connectivity and being well aware of what, where is happening when and thus, surely know their way through to artistically fit in their clients into the current trending stories on the blog to incorporate the current trends/ news stories for their clients’ benefit. Any big issue or event or any worthy happening and they make sure they get your name on board one way or the other.

For Instance, take the case of Brexit where various UK-based companies or those doing business with the UK-based ones, made it to the limelight by banking upon the hot topic and creating news about either their loss (not necessarily real) or even being unaffected still for those wanting to showcase their strong foundation.

Social Media– Like they say, “if it ain’t on social media, it didn’t happen”. Social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are such a rage these days that if something big, small or even minutely little takes place, it has to be on social media and if not, well, it’s just not worth it. And at times, these portals are even faster than the news channels itself when it comes to broadcasting quick news updates like maybe earthquake in some region.

From general public to Bollywood/ Hollywood stars to cricketers to even politicians including PM Modi are not only present but also actively participating in the social media bonanza every now and then. Thus, being on social media and being there under the guidance of a professional who can strategically manage your profile; putting the right comments at the right places and seeking attention in just the perfect way to make your posts go viral can do wonders for getting you famous.

For example, brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Dove, Oreo among others understand the power of the virtual world well and thus, keep their social media game on point.

Events– Another big thing is participating or sponsoring one of the events taking place today, which is relevant to your arena. There are just so many types of events happening around these days and in tremendous numbers that if you have to be famous, you got to be either attending them all and participating actively or sponsoring some small or big ones on regular intervals to keep your name abuzz. There are several enterprises who have actually made it big owing to their self-initiated annual events, which have become a gala affair, wherein they get to strategically promote their brand image.

Contacts- Building contacts with some of the prominent personalities, not just the rich lot but largely with the powerful ones who are great influencers in the society is crucial and being in their good books can simply change the game for you. These people can be journalists, socialites, critics, social workers, politicians, any other celebrities or may even be a hidden gem you need to figure out for yourself. The idea is to know your space well, select your bunch of relevant individuals/ groups and establish your connections well and of course, way before the time you may actually need to channelize them.

For Example turning around your weak points into strengths is a bigger play like in the case of former US President, Barack Obama. His lack of ‘executive experience’ was actually showcased as a case of a fresh talent and unusual business at work.









Content Marketing Lessons from Brands

Lessons to learn from the brands having excelled the game of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

In this article we are listing some examples of the Buzzing Brands Having Excelled the Game of Content Marketing.

1. Flipkart– The company is an ace and knows their marketing game well, banking upon just the right opportunities. For instance, its graphic tribute to the Leicester City team was a massive hit. Be it Valentine’s or a legend’s birth anniversary, Flipkart has it all covered with the best posts.


2. Zomato– The brand has been creating no wonders in the space, only doing all things right at the best time. They know their audience, their social media and have effectively become an everyday name in the food world. Their success story lies in simple yet amazing content, spread right in optimum quantity.

Sharing a Facebook Post from Zomato –


Link –

3. Lenovo– Being a relatively fresh player in the market, the brand seemed to have their check-list ready, going with their marketing on point. With successful campaigns like A6000 launch, choosing celeb brand ambassador in youth icon Ranbir Kapoor and posting real-time content on all popular platforms, they did it all in a systematic yet uber cool way.


4. Oreo– This brand has made a mark in the rather monopolised market of Britannia and Parle with its smart sense of creating awareness campaigns and collaborating with renowned name like Ranbir Kapoor. They came up with unique ideas that built a deep connect with the audience and still don’t miss to have an engaging presentable social media presence.


5. Amazon India Amazon, being a global brand, enjoys that obvious edge already but that does not stop it from championing its marketing campaigns in the country. Its Diwali Sale campaign became a huge attraction. With a blend of festive GIFs to engaging content in all their posts and the perfect idea of putting up behind-the-scenes busy videos, it does it all.


There is still a long list of names such as Imperial Blue,, Simplify360, Vogue India, Rolex, Nike, Coca-Cola among others, all of whom have been proving their marketing prowess in the recent past, continuing to develop good valuable content.

Now, the million-dollar question is what can be labelled as ‘good content’ in the context of marketing today. The importance and utility of the content lies not at a superficial level but deep in its substance; your content maybe very well-drafted and ornamented but if it is not conceptualized in the right way, it can’t result into being an effective marketing tool. In a nutshell, good content must be the following:

Be in sync with the sort of product a brand is endorsing
Be aligned properly with the understandability levels of the consumer base
Be concise, precise and attract the target audience towards the brand
Be bold and clear, informative & self-explanatory to initiate a call to action