Product Shoot for Fuschia by Vkare

Behind the scenes this is what is happening at SpotLYK Media. The team of photographers did best justice to their work with this shoot. We had just one day to send it to the media houses and indeed the results turned out to be great.

As they clearly say, “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. As when images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence”, Ansel Adams.

Check the pictures below –

From the purpose of providing these images to the media, we guided the client to get the shoot done in both indoors and outdoors as when the images are provided to the media houses, this product can be considered in both the ways.

Usage of Product Photography –

1 – Gives better mileage to the product.

2 – Provides better product visibility.

3 – Research shows that if the product packaging is good then chances are that it will be brought more.

Check out some more pictures clicked –

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Content Marketing Lessons from Brands

Lessons to learn from the brands having excelled the game of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

In this article we are listing some examples of the Buzzing Brands Having Excelled the Game of Content Marketing.

1. Flipkart– The company is an ace and knows their marketing game well, banking upon just the right opportunities. For instance, its graphic tribute to the Leicester City team was a massive hit. Be it Valentine’s or a legend’s birth anniversary, Flipkart has it all covered with the best posts.


2. Zomato– The brand has been creating no wonders in the space, only doing all things right at the best time. They know their audience, their social media and have effectively become an everyday name in the food world. Their success story lies in simple yet amazing content, spread right in optimum quantity.

Sharing a Facebook Post from Zomato –


Link –

3. Lenovo– Being a relatively fresh player in the market, the brand seemed to have their check-list ready, going with their marketing on point. With successful campaigns like A6000 launch, choosing celeb brand ambassador in youth icon Ranbir Kapoor and posting real-time content on all popular platforms, they did it all in a systematic yet uber cool way.


4. Oreo– This brand has made a mark in the rather monopolised market of Britannia and Parle with its smart sense of creating awareness campaigns and collaborating with renowned name like Ranbir Kapoor. They came up with unique ideas that built a deep connect with the audience and still don’t miss to have an engaging presentable social media presence.


5. Amazon India Amazon, being a global brand, enjoys that obvious edge already but that does not stop it from championing its marketing campaigns in the country. Its Diwali Sale campaign became a huge attraction. With a blend of festive GIFs to engaging content in all their posts and the perfect idea of putting up behind-the-scenes busy videos, it does it all.


There is still a long list of names such as Imperial Blue,, Simplify360, Vogue India, Rolex, Nike, Coca-Cola among others, all of whom have been proving their marketing prowess in the recent past, continuing to develop good valuable content.

Now, the million-dollar question is what can be labelled as ‘good content’ in the context of marketing today. The importance and utility of the content lies not at a superficial level but deep in its substance; your content maybe very well-drafted and ornamented but if it is not conceptualized in the right way, it can’t result into being an effective marketing tool. In a nutshell, good content must be the following:

Be in sync with the sort of product a brand is endorsing
Be aligned properly with the understandability levels of the consumer base
Be concise, precise and attract the target audience towards the brand
Be bold and clear, informative & self-explanatory to initiate a call to action