Why Choose Us

Our team of media activists at SpotLYK has a natural fervor for the public relations arena and like to put in its heart and soul in getting the creatives right. It is the foremost prerogative for us to establish an in-depth understanding of the brand and to conduct a strategic analysis of the domain before taking it on us to sketch out an elaborate media plan. We believe every brand is a unique entity coming from a separate zone of its own and so, we follow an exclusive approach in the media campaigns for all our brands.

Our Strengths

  1. We build our campaign strategies based upon our client’s perception of how their market standing should evolve and our execution, at every step involves the quintessential merger with the business objectives and ethos of the brand.
  2. Our team has the experience and skill to execute large scale IMC (integrated marketing communication) projects with finesse and commitment to the promised timelines and specifications.
  3. Our well-connected extensive networking across varied channels within the industry makes us experts at organizing some of the most fruitful MICE events for our clients. We are also enabled to cater to the apt marketing activation for our clients through brand engagement as well as direct-response marketing.
  4. The world has gone digital and it is the digi-world that is the real game-changer today. We provide complete digital solutions for the brands, maximizing the PR outreach across the globe.
  5. We are focused on a 360-degree representation of our brands and so, while we bring into limelight its USP, we also put emphasis to its overall business aspects.
  6. Bold and engaging content, pertinent to the brand and space in question, is something we have an edge for, with the best team of content creators, creative thinkers and editors working in unison to have the target audience continually tuned in.
  7. Thanks to having spent all these years in business, we at SpotLYK have carved a niche network of relationships with some of the top-level business professionals of the likes of CEOs, Chief Editors, COBs and others across industries and verticals.
  8. We believe in quality and thus, have very selectively garnered a close-knit team of 30 talented professionals with presence in Mumbai and Pune in addition to the capital.
  9. Just as much we take pride in our expert solutions, we also feel honoured to have developed a strong, prestigious client base of over 40 brands across India, UK and USA in a short time span.
  10. We are a think tank and believe in progressive learning and exchange of ideas at any point of time possible. We act as a story/ spin angle manufacturing factory for the enterprises with respect to our PR suggestions and also offer complete backend digital solutions.